Green Tejovat: Environment Friendly

At Tejovat, we are committed to assume environmental responsibility and eco-friendly infrastructure as long-term investment. We envision that developing energy efficient and environment friendly products and technologies can add value to our business which will have a positive impact on profitability.

The use of energy-efficient equipment’s and technologies can result in considerable direct savings in electricity costs over the long term. Paper costs can be substantially reduced by digitizing documents and using the cloud computing for inter-departmental collaboration and communication. This will further enhance the business’ green credentials.

We realize that application of eco-friendly thinking throughout the business will not only enable the potential reductions in operating costs, but will also strengthen our image in the eyes of consumers.

We are fully committed to create a sustainable future using green technologies. We believe in implementing an eco-friendly approach towards every aspect of our business.

The Tejovat-Green philosophy is to use green internal practices to our processes, production, products and to our employees thus safeguarding our environment and the planet. We are constantly improving ourselves with the main goal of environmental conservation in mind.