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Video Intercom – Door Camera VIC700

Rs.3,639.00 (Taxes Extra)

Tejovat Video Intercom System comes with Door Camera unit which has a high-quality camera. Door Camera has LED lights which help to provide clear pictures of visitors in low light. Door Camera can detect human motion in-front of the camera using the PIR motion detection center. The Visitor can communicate with a resident by pressing Door Camera’s call button.

Video Intercom – Gate Station VIO700

Rs.22,890.00 (Taxes Extra)

Tejovat Video Intercom System is a security system used for multi-apartment building system. Residents will get 360° security solutions by using Video Intercom System. It is a layered security system starts from the building entrance. Starting point of the Video Intercom System is a Gate Station, which is located at the building entrance gate. Gate Station has a wide-angle camera to monitor all the activities in front of the gate. The Visitor can call and communicate with any desired resident using centrally located Gate Station.

Video Intercom – Indoor Monitor VIM700

Rs.10,590.00 (Taxes Extra)

Tejovat Video Intercom System has a high quality 7-inch LCD monitor called as Indoor Monitor. Residents can get calls from “Gate Station” or “Door Camera” on Indoor Monitor. Residents can talk with visitors using Indoor Monitor. Indoor monitor has an Unlock button, by using this button a resident can release the door lock. Residents can drop a message for visitors if they are not available to pick up a call. An Indoor Monitor can work as a clock or calendar in stand-by mode.